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Listens: Project Arashi - 5xInfinity

Project Arashi 5 x Infinity is here!


It's finally here. With help from our fellow Arashians from around the world, we present Project Arashi 5 x Infinity. Featuring a fan remake of Arashi's 5x20 with new lyrics, fan art, fan photos, fan messages and Thank yous from around the world, we hope our love, gratitude and support will be reach Arashi. 

Even though 2020 is coming to an end, we know our love for Arashi won't. It'll go on for infinity, and we'll carry it as we always have, together. 💙❤️💚💛💜

There is a hashtag event on Twitter to go along with the premiere event! 

Do join if you can! :) Feel free to share with your fellow Arashians too! 

We hope our wind can carry this to Arashi soon. 🙏🏻💨💞

With Arashi in heart and soul,

☁️ Project Arashi 5 x Infinity 🌈


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