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[advertise] selling Japanese stuffs website (only to those in Thailand and Sydney, Australia)

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Hi, people! I just wanna advertise a shooping website to those who are in Thailand and Sydney, Australia.

We take order to buy Japanse singers' goods in Japan, such as CD, DVD, Photo Book, Shop Goods and Concert Goods. You can view list of the products from our website or from others (e.g. CD Japan, HMV Japan, Amazon Japan or any that have catalog code like these website).

You can order through or e-mail us the product code to The delivery is only in Thailand (through the post mail system) or Sydney, Australia (only meet up in the city or UNSW area). You can compare cost of product (Yen and Baht) delivery cost (within Thailand). For those in Australia, please e-mail us the product code for cost in Aus$.

More question, please reply to this LJ or e-mail to

PS. Main website is in Thai. However, you can find more infomation in English at out secondary website which is

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