Yuuki (yuuki_nyanmaru) wrote in a_ra_shi,

[eng subs] Nino-san [2020.08.16]

Hello everyone! To celebrate Nino's birthday, I subbed a Nino-san with guests Masuda Takahisa from NEWS, Shigeoka Daiki from Johnny's WEST and Kishi Yuta from King & Prince. The episode is about a passionate 6-battles showdown based on their passions, and they'll have to go against Nino-san Team. For example, Masuda and Nino will compete in a matching socks battle, since Masuda's passion is to keep things tidy. If you're interested, go grab it here at my community! anohi_anoscene is moderated though, so if you're not a member please apply for membership here.
Tags: tv: variety: nino-san, video (subtitled - english)

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