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P,P.O.I ep 1-4

P.P.O.I. ep 1-4

I uploaded it on mf it's the chinese subbed version

P.P.O.I ep 5-8

broadcasted : May ~ June 1999, NTV
other casts : Masaki Aiba, Ryouta Uesato, Yuichi Nakamaru, etc
this is a Johnny's Jr drama coz u can see many Jrs here, Takki was the host. It's about friendship and love. Amano-kun (Yamapi) liked Hinaki, and she also liked him, but Hinaki's bestfriend Makoto also had a crush on him. Hinaki didn't want to ruin her friendship with Makoto so kept silent about her feeling toward Amano. Amano's bestfriend is Aiba's character who is a super idol in the school, he's a basket ball star. Once Amano and Hinaki got crossdressing, and a boy from other school thought he was a girl and called him Joanna LOL!

Summary taken from Yamapi Time

Reasons to watch this:
~ Yamapi in a pink dress
~ Yamapi in school girl's uniform
~ Aiba (Arashi),Maru (KAT-TUN), Ryota (FIVE),Yamapi(News)
~ Yamapi and Aiba almost kissing (twice!)
~ a guy having a crush on Yamapi
~ Yamapi flirting with that guy because he was forced to
~ Tackey (Tackey and Tsubasa) being all lovey dovey of Yamapi
~ chibi Yamapi
~ chibi Aiba
~ chibi Jin
~ chibi Maru
~ major cuteness just in general XD

summary taken from luma_chan

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