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Secret Lovers - OneShot - Crack~filled


This is something that comes from the dark crevasses of my mind.

Title: Paranoia
Pairing: JunxSho
Rating: PG-13 at most
Summary: Jun & Sho secretly love each other. But make it seem as though it's the opposite in front of people.
Disclaimer: I dunno if this is true, but probably not. xD but of course we can always dream. And of course, I don't own or know them. Yet.


"Stop it."
"Stop what?"
"You're always looking at Ohno. With those big hungry eyes."
"Stop imagining things Sho."
"Yeah yeah. You're skinny, I know you're hungry!"
"Whatever. Besides, you need to stop feeding Aiba then!"
"How did you know?!"
"Ah! I knew you weren't going to tell me!"
[Jun pulls Sho by the arm.]

[Ohno comes in.]
"What's going on?"
[Sho glares at Jun.]
"Ohno. We should go out shopping."
"Ah. I'm tired."
"Yeah, don't push him Jun."
[Jun glares at Sho.]


[Nino and Ohno are backstage with Jun and Sho.]

"Ohno. Have you been working out?"
"No, why?"
"You look buff. Very nice."
"Uwa~! Thanks Jun."

"Nino, I'm so proud of you."
"Really? That means a lot coming from you. Mr. University grad!"
"Yeah. Working with Clint. Makes me so envious."
"Wow. Thanks Shochan."


"What was that about?"
"Ohno doesn't look buff!"
"Yeah well, he does to me!"
"Oh, so what now? I'm not big enough for you?"
"He's cuter than you."
"Ah! I knew it. You wanna screw Ohno!"
"What about you!? Flattering Nino so much!"
"I was trying to make you jealous!"
"Well.....It worked! Happy now?"
"You're so....Gah!"
"I know. I'm going to take a bath now. Don't bother me."


"What now?"
"I wanna come in."
"No! What if someone sees us?"
"Who will come in the room at midnight?"
"Ahh. Fine."
[Sho strips and climbs in.]

[Knock at the door. They turned the knob.]
"Hello? Jun? Sho?"
"Yes. We're here. I mean, I'm here Aiba!"
"Oh shit Jun."
[Sho jumps out and hides in the kitchen. Dripping on the floor.]

"Ah! You're bathing!"
"Don't worry. So what's up?"
"Umm..It's kind of distracting talking to you like this."
"Maybe if you came in, it would be less bad."
"Hmm. Maybe."
[Aiba strips and climbs in.]

[Sho from the kitchen]
"That bastard. I'm so going to kill him later."

"So. What's up?"
"Um. I like Sho."
[Jun chokes]
"Are you okay!?"
"Yeah yeah. Continue."
"So yeah. Should I tell him?"
"Sure. No one is stopping you afterall."
"Right. Except you."
[Jun is worried now.]
"What do you mean?"
"C'mon. Don't act dumb."
"I don't act dumb. I'm serious."
"Well. I know you like me."
"Really? Who told you this?"
"That bastard. I'm going to strangle him."
"Yeah. So. Just wanted you to know I liked Sho."
"Alright. Good luck then."
"Thanks. Where is he?"
"The kitchen."
[Jun was getting revenge.]


"Oh shit. Yes?"
"Where are you?"
"Cleaning the floor."
[Aiba looked down.]
"You're naked."
"Yeah. It's easier for when I need to wash myself after getting dirty."
"Okay then."
"So what brings you here at midnight?"
"I wanted to talk to you."
"Okay, I'm listening."
"Maybe I'll come back."
"Maybe you should."
"Alright so, later."
[Aiba had his eyes shut.]
"Bye! Goodnight too."


"Jun. I'm so going to attack you."
"I'm bathing leave me alone."
"How could you do that?! It's so embarassing!"
"Oh I thought you meant him coming in the bathtub."
"Well that too but, him seeing me naked is worse!"
"Stop complaining. You know you liked it."
"What? Where are these thoughts coming from?"
"My head."
"You're insane."
"That's why you love me. Right?"



"So Sho, who would you most like to date?"
[Revenge in front of the cameras.]
"Really? Me?"
[Jun turning red. Pretends to not care.]
"How 'bout you Jun?"
"Me again! Wow I'm so popular today!"
"Yeah. You're so pretty and funny."
[Sho clears his throat.]
"Aiba, your choice?"
"Sho. He's so cool and manly."
"Aww. Thanks Aiba."
[Jun fixes his tie aggressively. Ohno laughs.]
"Jealous Jun?"
"No, why would I be? I'm not attracted to men."


"Jun. That's it."
"Yeah. Let's do it."
"You say it."
"No, you say it first."
"It's hard."
"C'mon, be strong!"
"Let's.....make out!"
"Yes! Wait!.... No! We were suppose to break up!"
"I know but, I wanna make out now."
"You have a one-track mind."
"I know, don't you love it."

[A few days later..]

"Okay. You say it this time."
"I will!"
"Go Sho. It's for the best!"
"Say it now."
"How 'bout we wait until tomorrow morning? Breaking up at lunchtime is weird."
"That's true."

[A few more days later..]

"Yes. Say it darling."
"Ah! You called me darling so cute!"
"Don't get distracted now! Say it!"
"Okay! Let's....I'm moving out!"
"Dammit. That's not the right thing."
"I know."
"Besides, we don't even live together."
"But it sounded good right?"
"Okay, let me try again."
"Go Shochan!"
"Right. I think we should [deep breath] break up!"
"I change my mind."
"Ahhhhh~! And it took me so long to say it!"


"I took a picture of you."
"Why am I dressed as sailor moon?"
"Ah. Well. You were really drunk."
"Did anyone else see me like this?"
"You mean who didn't see you like this?"


"Jun-kun. Stop it."
"Stop what now?"
"Being a bad influence."
"I just did my nails."
"No way! Show me!"
[Jun giggles]
"That's all I could find in the house."
"Liar. I bought one of every color."
"It's nice though, right?"

[JunxSho were cuddling on a couch when Nino came in. Jun went to one end and Sho to the other.]

"Hey guys."
"Ah, I need to go fix my hair."
"So Sho, how are you?"
[Nino goes to shake his hand.]

"Why? Just, why?"
"I'm not really sure anymore."
"They match your shirt."
"Right. That wasn't a compliment. You fifi."

[Jun comes back with tea for him and Nino.]

"What about Sho?"
"He can make his own."
"Yeah. That's true."
[Sho pretends to look at his nails, awful indeed.]


"You're such a bitch."
"So are you!"
"I know."
"God you make it hard to hate you."
"I knew that too."
[Sho throws a pillow at Jun.]

"My hair!"
"It looks better like that."
"Ah! You!"
"Ah. Me. Yes?"
"You're hot."
"I thank you."
The Author: Fifi means like gay or girly man. xD

Tell me if it was good. xD or not. lolz.

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