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Nino in Berlin & Paris

I think a lot of you might've already read about this at </a></font></a>and other posts in LJ & vox. Just in case some of you missed it... If this is not allowed (or is an annoyance to your senses) please give a shout out.
Nino will attend the Berlin International Film Festival & Letters From Iwo Jima Paris premiere this February (Valentine's Day in Paris with the Kazu)

my post at nino_daily :
news links : 

I think this would be a great place for Arashi European fans who are planning to welcome Nino to discuss their plans.
Maybe you guys can welcome him in Frankfurt airport with stocking-heads or make big glittery uchiwa for him at the Paris premiere :p. It's Valentines. He'll be receiving a lot of imported chocolates ne~ ^_^
I'm also curious about his travelling plans since there's roughly 5 days of him being in Europe. It would be wonderfull if the other members would tag along...

freaking out fangirls
discussion are most welcome. 
p/s:This reminded me of the time when TegoMass went to Sweden..this is different though. Mr. Ninomiya purpose is to promote his film as a Hollywood actor instead of making fangirls disolves into puddles of squeeling goo :p

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