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AAA Translation

sironimo -chan you are so great for finding this and sharing it with me...
arigatou! ^_______^ *chuuuuu*

i hope it's OK to share it also with minna... 

i just finished reading them...and i cried...i really cried. TT.TT
[again when it comes to arashi, i can't help but be mushy XD]
especially on Aiba-chan's part when he said he was surprised that they were recognized in Asia...and everyone were fighting to hold back their tears when they saw fans crying...awwwww.... TT.TT

thanks to whoever wrote the photobook essays...i felt like i was actually backstage, with Arashi, during their Asian Tour.
[well this was a third person's point of view...and there MAY be lapses on some things he's written...but still...i guess that's the beauty of it...he's outside of Arashi...he must not be as biased as we would expect. ^^]

many thanks to the translators [kaoruko, sunarashi, petto, elizabeth, ameko]...minna did a great job! ^_____^
you can read the translations here 

enjoy! ^_______^


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