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Remember those pics that were published with Gekkan Arashi....with sakuraiba as Yamambas??.... how could ne one forget, anyway i just thought i would translate their little convo section at the bottom.
for people who dont know what Yamamba/Mamba/Centre Guy is...its basically a group of people who put really dark foundation on and in contrast also put bright white concealers, eye shadow etc on. Very crazy colourful clothing and jewlery...you can usually see them arouns Shibuya in japan...Centre Guy refers to male Yamambas who hang around a section of Shibuya called Centre machi.
ne way the boys are both so cute...so interested and amazed by the culture!!

Faces are entertainment? Two are surprised at their transformation!!

S – If I may explain our current situation, I am talking to Aiba san face to face, still with our Yamamba makeup on.
A- We have both changed a lot.
S- Don’t you miss looking like our normal selves.
A- Although it was a fairly late Centre Guy debut.
S- I feel like listening to trance music.
A- We are already Trance like we don’t have to listen to Trance too (laughs.
S- aiba san, even after having all the make up put on you, you were asking the Yamamba teachers so many questions.
A- Cos im so interested! I thought that they never returned home but then they said they go home properly. Mamba people are surprisingly serious.
S- When talking to them they just seem ike normal people. But when they put makeup on you you start to feel it. When they put the white lines on my face it started for me.
A- For me it my excitement started rising when I put the bracelets on my arm.
S – For my white sections they used proper equipment but for aiba san it was White marker pens ( I think that is what they used…). I couldn’t believe it.
A- I was so surprised when the white markers came out. But the teacher said that they were water based so they were fine. I never knew that you could use them in this way. Sho kun has become cuter ne?
S- will I be popular with girls?
A- you…wont be popular. The Centre guy teacher was saying. Centre guys generally aren’t popular with girls.
S- he did he did say. But I wanna go to central Shibuya like this!Im so glad we did this.
S- well, there were other themes like baseball, mountain climbimg but I am so happy we chose Yamamba. Cos I mean it is such an unique culture!.
A- Yeh. Its entertainment. Its so Rock! (..and roll)
S- Really, the mentality of focusing on one thing and taking it really far is so Rock!
A- Its an amazing thing you know that your face could be entertainment.
S- The first gekkan arashi of the year is this! Its like, lets be really mad this year!
A- that means next issue we gotta do something with impact.

Boys are so cute!!!


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