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I translated points in the secret report and certain quotes from the last episode of their "D no Arashi", so if anyone wants to read, feel free ^^

From the secret report:

- Though there was actually quite a lot of air in the pepper, the skin's rather thick and it's pretty hard to bite into them
- All five of them gathered together for filming that day after a long while, especially for Aiba, so when everyone saw him they went "Ah! Tsubame! Long time no see!" XD;
- It was really hot that day, and the indoor pool was pretty much like a sauna, so all the members sitting by the pool were really hot; the staff members thought they would eventually hop into the pool from the heat, and they never thought that they'd actually play nice and stay on the deck
- They also filmed "G no Arashi" that day, and Ohno was pretty much like a madman, doing everything wrong right from the beginning of the filming, so just the filming for the opening sequence alone took quite a few tries XD
- After that, they did a little press conference thing about their new show, and Ohno was still making mistakes and saying the wrong things left and right, so the other four were desperately trying to explain away all the stuff he said XDD
- When the reporter asked them, "What/Who do you want to help/cheer on?", the other four's answers were immediate: "RIIDA!!"
- They reviewed all the experiments that they've done in the show, and it turns out that the most expensive one was Aiba's and Sho's paper boat experiment


Aaaand now, some funny quotes from the episode!

Sho: As everyone can tell, Aiba-chan's not here.
Nino: Is he quitting?
Sho: He's not quitting. Actually he said there's something important that he wanted to tell us, so he called us all out today.
Nino: ...But we don't have anything to say to him.

Nino: It's so hooot~
Aiba: Ah~ You must've waited long-- Ah! No! I waited for a long time now!
Sho: You're switching it around!

Aiba: It's the last episode today, I want to ask everyone if there's anything that you wanted to do but haven't done? I do!!
MatsuJun: You should listen to our answers first!

Aiba: Why did you guys come here today?
Nino: You told us to come!
Aiba: Can you lend me a person?
Nino: *points at Ohno* We'll lend you this one.
Ohno: Use me!

(after using the pepper and finding the results to be not too great)
Aiba: It's because riida's too slow!
Ohno: *laughs soundlessly*
Aiba: *sees Ohno laughing and laughs with him*
Sho: ...I have no idea what's so funny.


*giggles madly* Ahahaha I couldn't watch the episode, but just from reading the report thingie on it makes me laugh my head off. Oh Arashi, how I love you so. ♥

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