Marina (karmade) wrote in a_ra_shi,

stupid, but still...


In latest MS we have seen, that the rest of Arashi didn’t believe Nino about their popularity. So there's no way for Europe concert((( Maybe we should write to them? All of us? If in johnys family will come thousands of letters with request about Arashi Europe concert, or fans meeting... If we will write them where we live (so much countries!) and ask them honestly for just one concert somewhere in the middle, maybe, just maybe they will believe us? They make so much money for JE, maybe, just maybe, Johny will let them fly to Europe fans meeting? Ah. Its sounds unbelievable, but we can have our try. They are real humans and we are real fans. So we can write letters. And no one can ignore so much letters! Especially Arashi. They're not like that. Especially after their Asia tour.

What you think?

EDIT: New idea! What about internet petition? Sounds good!


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