mireya_rivera (mireya_rivera) wrote in a_ra_shi,

small article on Nino

So.. I got the April issue (I wonder why issues come out a month early.. why not just make it so the April comes out in April and the March in March? ~shrug~ whatever, I digress.. ^^;;) of Shojo Beat and guess who got featured on the "Japanese Celebrities to Watch Out For" page... Nino!!!! YAY!! I feel like such a dork getting so excited over such a small article.. but I love Nino and his acting so much ^^v
I don't have a scanner, but I did try taking a picture of the short 'article' and photo with my digital camera:

Nino in Shojo Beat

And even though it's a bit fuzzy, I think everyone should be able to at least make out what it says. ^^;;

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