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Secret talk 2007 Part 1

ive finally moved into the university apartment in tokyo japan!! im absolutely shatered!! moving takes up a lot of energy and time!! i just came back form food shopping and it was wierd cos i had to buy things like salt and olive oil and washing up liquid... i mean... ive been food shopping before but things like that you always expect to be there when you are at home!
n e way
i come bearing translationg for secret talk 2007..part 1
im sorry to break it up again but 34 mins is LONG!just to let you know part 1 is 10 pages of A4 if i were to print it off!

im sure everyone can owrk it out but i will point it out for those who do not know
S- sho
J- Matsu Jun
A- Aiba chan
O- oh chan
N- nino
n e thing in (brackets)is all my own comments ..not extra things that the booys have talked about...its just my opinions and comment etc....whether you like it or not..lol

have fun reading!

ps just to let you know..the boys make alot of references to places in japan/names of places in japan which i obviously cant translate...so bear with the boys...

S-so its finally started…secret talk 2007!
S-its been a while since we have put this in a cd right? It feels like it has been a while…
All- its been a while…yes…
A- Long time no see!
J- I always get asked what the hell this is so I don’t really want them to put it in the cd…
S- Matsumoto kun that’s because you always give out the cd to cast members on set when filming the drama…if you wanna give out the cd to your fellow cast members or to member of staff then you have to take the one that doesn’t have the secret talk in it.
A- yeh that’s right
S- so anyway this song…following on from season 1,…. It is the theme song for the drama that WE are in…
All- yep!
J- yeh…yeh…. OI!
All- nice cut in!
S- so it’s the theme song for hana yori dango
A- has everyone been watching it?
S- Of we watched it..we all saw it together, the first episode!
A- The special…yeh we saw it…2 hours and 15 mins
S-a whole hour till domyoji actually appeared.
J- yeh it took and hour
S- man you keep us waiting! And what did domyoji do?
O- Daimon!
S- Daimon!was….
O-holding a hot dog
All- laughs
J- Daimon?
O- was holding a hot dog when he finally appeared
A- yeh and he said …Ya! (hey In Japanese)…..well maybe he didn’t say ya! But yeh……
S- 2007 has finally started ne?
All- yeh ..yehhh
S- wasn’t 2006 quick.?
All- Yeh..it went quick
N- isn’t the film coming out soon?
S- yeh it should be soon
A- Kiroi Namida ne?
S- Kiroi Namida
A- wasn’t it fun?
S- yeh it was fun
N- its been a while since I was in a movie
All-…huh? (yeh nino! You were in iwojima duh!) Laughs
J-it weird cos its like , its not a movie just about us 5, I mean , it says that we are main character in it but it was funny seeing us in that perios of history.
S- and matsumoto kun, u were like…such a hagure metal type part (hagure metal is I think some character form some computer game)
J/N-comes in and then goes out, straight away….
O- how long are u actually in it for?
J- all together…..16 scenes
A- 16 scenes, so if you put that into minutes that’s…..about 5mins??
J- I hope im in it for 5 mins..lol!
S but it didn’t feel like you weren’t in it…watching it.
A- you kind of pop up every now and then.
J- well I guess that’s cos of the iwate accent (iwate is a place in japan with a strong accent)…if that was a normal accent then I would just appear normally and then disappear, without any impact.
N- but I felt like there was a good balance
A- captain you are wearing such a crazy t shirt today!( trust aiba chan to notice oh-chans tshirt)…the yellow one…where did you get it from?
O nino gave it to me for my bday
A- what is that…that character?
N- just and old man wearing a coat….
A-…and believe it or not ..that coat…
J- hey you can lift it up.
A- and when you lift it up…..
J- what happens
O- you can see his BEEP (ill leave you to fill in the BEEP)
A-his BEEP
A- this is obviously gonna be bleeped out!
S- does ne one have n e aims for 2007? (trust sho baby to quickly change the subject from male genital areas to new year resolutions..lol!)
N- ok then from aiba san!
A- OK OK!....coming into 2007, there is something that I found out for the first time.!
All- oooo!
J- first time!
A- first time ever!
J- in 24 years
A- yeh…well some thing I did for the first time………han shin yoku (translation literally, half body bath)
J- how were you bathing before that??
All- laughs
A- no I went to try it out for the first time
S- what did you do, top half or bottom half?
A- eh?
S- which top half or bottom half?
A- no no ! no… I was really surprised because ( aiba chan completely ignored sho baby) you know I there are people who can do it for like 30 mins or like and hour? I really couldn’t do it at all! I did it for like 10 mins and it was quite tough to take. 15 mins and that was the limit I could take! 18 mins and I was like..im getting out! And then my mom came in to see what the hell I was doing cos I was chouting…its hot hot its hot!!!..s o my mom came to check on me and was…what are you doing?.....and I was like top half..no not top half
J- your so silly!
All- llaughs
A- han shin yoku…I was talking to her about it and……you know han shin yoku.. you are meant to do it so your heart is covered?
J- no you don’t put your heart in it!
A- oh..yeh..so …your heart..!
N- Where the hell is YOUR heart!
S- you were totally pointing to your abdomen!
J- you are only meant to put water below your heart
A- exactly…but I thought it was the other way round so like I was like this!
J- what lifting your legs up
A- lifting my legs up!
J- so what type of han shin yoku were you doing?
S-which part of your body?
A- so I had my bottom half open and my top half covered
N- no one had ever heard of doing it that way!
J- so you mean you were doing it so the blood was running away form your legs.
A- yeh yeh…so that was the first thing I learned this year!
S- how id it feel doing it…did it feel good?
A- yeh..well it was hot (yeh we got that bit aiba chan!)
J- well of course its gonna be hot cos..you are putting your heart in a really hot environment so ….obviously
S- Matsujun..you look like you would like that sort of thing…
J- I do it some times ( im guessing jun does it the right way round though
S- how long do you do it for?
J- Ah…welll..recently… I bout…well no I was given a waterproof dvd player….so if I do it while watching tv or a dvd or something then I can last longer
S- like howlong
J- yaa…like and hour
All – omg! Wow..thats amazing…sugeee!!!
J- but you have to get out once in a while.
N- you get out half way through?
J- cos its so hot so I get out and have a drink of water and take the water with me and go watching the dvd again..
All – wow! That’s amazing!
S- so what actually happens?
j- what happens?
O- id it for relazationg..
N/A- no its good for your body.
S- how is it good for your body?
N- the fact that it is not bad for your body
All- Laughs
N but I wonder what it actually does do
j- I don’t know what it does but it stops swelling and clotting I think and cos I take in a lot of water it all come out as sweat
O – oh sweat… but isn’t that really hot
J-yeh its hot
A-but it is really popular these days. Have you ever been to gan ban yoku ( translates as literally rock bath, but I think its like a sauna sorta thing.. with rocks……)
S- yeh yeh I have
A- did it feel good?
S- yeh it was really nice
J- ive been once as well
S- but I kinds smells like a sports club locker room!
All – hahahahaha
A- that’s just the place you went to !
J- you gan yoku was tough (translated literally as lava bath…lol.. ihave no idea what that is but you gan is lava……slightly worried!)
J- yeh you gan yoku
S- what so you bath in you gan? You would die wouldn’t you (me and hso…on the same wavelength!!!)
All – Laughs
J- no it’s the rock..they use the rock which is formed form lava in the bath..
S- ooooo ( tira- ooooo)
N- but they say gan ban yoku is really dangerous cos it’s the same temp that bacteria can develope
J- yeh so aparantly its not very hygienic ( sounds pointless to me!) yeh that’s what I heard so I stopped going
S- omg really? I totally went to that!
A- so leader have you started n e thing new?
O – mmm… not really
All- nothing!! Hahaha!!still in 2006 mode
O- yeh well…200 was a really good year so..
J- so you wanna keep hanging on to that?
O- yeh…..
All – laughs
J- hanging on the the memories.
S- we went to so many places
A- yeh we did
N- where do you wanan go this year
S- places to go this year?
N- yeh
S- as arashi
N- yeh
A- for a concert?
N- yeh
S- most probably Thailand
A- Thailand…ne….also there are many places we havnt been in japan!
J- that’s tru
A- so I guess we wanna go there too
N- where does everyone like the best?
A- I wanna go to Okinawa! (it’s the most southern island of japan…had famous for good weather sunny beaches … beautiful oceans …good food etc)
J- I wanna go to shi koku ( another section of japan kinda south east I think…..shi koku literally means 4 places)
All – shi koku ne~~
S- I went there for kenmisei (that tv prog that sho chan was in ) ive been to so many places thanks to that programme!
A- there isn’t a place where you havnt been to in japan is ther?
s- well..no…there are places I havnt been to !the other time …for filming for the programme we had some spare time for I went to houryouji temple in nara
All- yeh
S- yeh…its been in the papers a lot recently… ne way…it’s the first ever named place of beauty in japan
J- ye…
S- but it was only in 1993 that it was names and recognized as a place of beauty.
J- eh?
S- don’t you think that was so recent? So the first time a place in japan was claimed a place of beauty was only in 1993
J- so before that it wasn’t recognized as a place of beauty?
S- no it wasn’t..but it has a history dating back like 1040 years (my sho baby getting all keio on us!)
J- in japan where else is a place of beauty
S- yakushima….
A- yakushima ne…
S- Kyoto
J- what Kyoto as in kinkakuji?nijyoujyou
O- yeh we went there
S- ooooyeh…we did!
N- aiba chan you are not getting in with the convo..
A-NO…im listening
N- aiba san..where do you know that is a place of beauty??
N- a place of beauty
A- ankoru wat (I have no idea where this place is ..sorry!)
S- have you been there before?
A- no….you said, some where that I knew of..
All- laughs
A- no the other day on tv they were showing how the found a genbaku (aiba chan….thats impossible cos a genbaku is an atomic bomb sweetheart!) near there and the people removing it were Japanese.
J- Genbaku?? (exactly jun thank you)
A- no…no…um..jirai jirai jirai ( which means land mine)
All – laughs (I love how when they all laugh..sho chans laugh can always be heard..lol!)
N- if it was an atomic bomb that would be a world wide problem!!!
A- they were removing a land mine..and the guy was a Japanese guy..but.. I thought some Japanese people are doing such great things!..what have you brought in?
S- a dvd of places of beauty. (shochan…stop with the keio ness and the intelligent ness!!)
A- oh..can I borrow it..give it here!!
S- No Oi I havnt wathed it yet!
J- where did you get that from?
S- I picked it up cos someone had chucked it on the street.
A- where?
J- it had been thrown away? Is that the type of place you live
S/A- what sort of place is that?
A- like in the park?
S- I realy wana watch this.
J- why don’t you watch that and study really hard and read up on all of this..and then..you can do like a special tv programme about it and you should take us to all the places of beauty all over the world!
S- well..no..im really ..actually aiming to narrate for sekai issan ( sekai issan means world place of beauty and there is a programme on tv about it and there is always a narrator for the programme)
J- omg! OMG!
S- that’s my aim for 2007
J- man..you should say that in a biger place
N- yeh only people who have bought this cd can hear that
S- really?..you know you can get a qualification for sekai isan called sekai isan kentei (kentei means examination)
A- omg that is like a sommelier ( sommelier is like the qualification for wine)..you should do it
S- noo
A- please do it
J- what do you actually do in the exam
S- that’s the thing
N- maybe its like..you have to name them or like describe them
J- and then what happens…like when you pass
S- I guess its like..there are different levels and stuff
J- seriously?!?
S- yeh like..sekai isan level 2
A- and then you can say that
S- Mr sekai isan
N- and then be like…you are only level 5 right? Im level 3!
O- omg that is so weird


Im so sorry… I cannot do any more…this thing is so long!
Ive only translated 11 mins and 20 seconds
And the whole thing is 34 mins and 43 secs long!!! Man those boys talk wayyy tooo much ! don’t worry I will try and translate the second part asap and post it up.
looking back now..oh chan hardly said a word in this first part
I still love sho chans laugh and how you can always hear it hoever many people are laughing.!! And aiba chan…I just wanted to hug him and tell nino to stop picking on him..lol…bad nino!
How is everyone these days??


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