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[CD release] "Wish" by Arashi

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Credit: dobu

Arashi's new CD single is being released on November 16, 2005.

Click here for CDJapan listing of the Limited Edition.

Limited Edition Tracklist:
  1. Wish

  2. Ichioku no Hoshi

  3. Futari no Kinen
Click here for CDJapan listing of the Normal Edition.

Normal Edition Tracklist:
  1. Wish

  2. Ichioku no Hoshi

  3. Wish (original karaoke)

  4. Ichioku no Hoshi (original karaoke)
"Wish" is the uptempo theme song for MatsuJun's new TV drama "Hana Yori Dango". "Ichioku no Hoshi" is a ballad. "Futari no Kinen" (Limited Edition only) is a Christmas song!

November 16 is packed with JE releases already (TOKIO DVD single & KinKi Kids CD album). I have a feeling at least one of these releases is going to have to move to another date. Otherwise, this is too much in one day to guarantee #1 on Oricon.

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