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Secret talk 2007 Part 2

sorry to keep everyone waiting! ive finally done it !! translation for Secret talk 2007...which can be founf in the love so sweet single!!
kyaaa the boys can be so cute!!!
n e way i wont keep you all waiting n e longer!

S- aiba kun you went abroad quite a lot last year rite??
A- yeh I did, like Indonesia,
N- so you may have seen a world heritage without knowing!
A- yeh yeh I might have but im not really interested in that….
N- you never take photographs when you go away..
A- no I don’t…
J-you should!! Its such a waste that you don’t!you never know when you will ever go again!
O- you should…although you do bring back a hell of a lot of t-shirts as presents
All – laughs
N- Pictures would be so much better!
J-can I be honest, I really don’t want n e more of those tshirts
A- hold on a minute!.. I have to get you those!
S- the other day I was sorting out all my clothes but I found so many of the tshirts that you gave me!
N- like 3 or 4 of them!
S- yeh!
N- and there are some like..tribal type ones as well!
J- and once I washed one of the tshirts that aiba chan gave me and the color transferred on to some of my other clothes!
A- hahaha! That’s so bad! You know they cost quite a bit!
N-That’s why we are saying we don’t want them!
A- don’t say that!
N- like the tribal type ones, I don’t know what to do with them in my room
A- it doesn’t matter!
O- and they are so big!
S- yeh!the size is huge
N- they are like the ledt over ones
S- which country stuck in ur mind the most out of the places you went to, on your own
A- probably south Africa.
S- oh really
J- in what way
A-The place where I was, all around me, there was no light, there were no tall buildings so at night its completely pitch black! And the stars feel like they are so close
S- really……
J- im sure they would feel close
N- Hokkaido is the same too!
S- ooooooo yeh!
A-so..like…you know how south Africa is on the other side of the world to japan…..so the stars that you can see in south Africa are different…Like the minami jyuujisei
S- wow…..
A- jyujisei??
N- I think you have made a new discovery there!
A- no it’s the minami jyujisei
S- so is it just all..safari?
A- its….a safari!
S- so are there wild animals around too?
N-but don’t they do the world cup and stuff in south Africa??
A- yeh they do they do…so basically, the city is really city like but then if you just go a little bit away from the city, its completely like..rural..
J- how far do you have to go ??
A-about an hour away
S- WHAT and then you are like in like….
A- like desert
A- well maybe not like desert…
S- but the animals cant live in desert can they?
All- laughs
N-WOW…..so like….you could see really really really far away?? Did you feel like your eyesight got better ( I know that doesn’t make much sense but it’s a saying in Japanese…)
A- I knew what it felt like for your eyesight to become better!
N- ooo.
A- like…it really did feel like I could see further than usual
N- you felt like it?
A- yeh really far
N- I want my eyesight to get better this year!
S- like how much
N- like 7.0 (again, measurement of eyesight is dfferent in all countries so bear with me)
N- I wanna feel like I have benefited in 2007
S- well lets talk about aims…hey have you talked about your aims ..you?
N- stop shaking your head!
All – laughs
N- so aiba san , your aim
A- aim…
N- we wanna hear
S- your aim as arashi, may be if you dopdejdfivvkfn( they just start making weird noises)
A-‘yamase mami desu’ (if you watched a particular ep of TSD you will understand, aiba chan is impersonating the female presenter of TSD and in one show all the regular members were impersonating her)
S- what the hell was that? HAHHAHAHAH
N- what the hell was that?, have you turned into yamase mami?
S- HAHAHA…do u not have one? Like a personal aim or aim as a group?
A-…I dunno…well I mean I said before but I wanna go to loads of different places. Like for concerts and stuff..okinawa…and places we haven’t been before
N- that’s just cos u wanna go to Okinawa!
All- laughs
N- you saying Okinawa……
A- well I mean we have been to Hokkaido, so like, the furthermost north place we have been is hokkaido and the furthermost south place we have been to is fukuoka
N- yeh
A- so I wanna broaden that range
S- don’t you feel like..that in this years concerts that, there was more of a family crowd than usual.
J- yeh I think so
S- you do right
N- its completely changed ne…I was talking to leader about that…right…we were talking about it
J- like…there are more families and couples in the audience
S/A- hmmmmm
N-recently I get stopped by a lot of guys…thinking about it I only ever get stopped by guys….now
S- what do you mean
N- so like…even when im walking in the street
S- hm
N- I get stopped by guys, not girls n e more……for johnnys jimusho …that’s a bit of a emergency!
N- this is definetly
S/N- an emergency
A- realy…..
N- so yeh..recently I only get stopped by guys
S- I hardly ever get stopped nowadays
N- leader do you not get called on?
O- I did have in a concert,
N- What
O-they (guys) were holding my uchiwa (fan)…they had made the board and stuff as well
S- really…
O-and it said “O” on it…in kanji
S- a guy?
O- a guy
A- really! A guy fan
A- but its nice ne!
N- don’t you get called on in the street
O- its completely stopped now
A- HHAHAHA…but captain you disguise yourself so well! Its so perfect
S- cos you disguise by changing your expression! HAHAHAHA
N- sticking your jaw out!
All- laughs
S- my meeting point is the same as satoshi kun, and then I see him walking from a distance but his face…is a little ….different….someone who…looks like ohno satoshi
O-you know it really works! Just sticking your jaw out a little
S- do it for us
O- like this……
A- and then if your wear a hat and noone can see your eyes
O- then I look like someone who looks like me
S- but probably satoshi kun you are the only one who thinks your disguise is perfect while everyone around is thinking…why the hell is he sticking his jaw out
A- yeh..thinkin….maybe his face is really like that…
All- Laughs
N- they might be thinking that!
S- yeh like…thinking…hmm he looks so different from tv
All- laughs
N- do you not like being called on
O- I mean….
S- are you embarrassed?
O-like the other day someone spoke to me on the train
S saying what
O- saying..live
A- they saw u ?
O- saying they saw our live performance and I couldn’t look around after that
S- oooo
O-and the weird thing was that the person looked like they were thinking… “why the hell is this guy on a train when he did 2 live performances last night”……….
O- that’s what they were thinking
S- matsujun you must stand out
J- yeh.. I do….. but ive started to not care n e more about people around me
S- ….meaning…
J-i just walk normally… if you walk normally , no one is able to call on you
S- oh!
J- I get people doing a double take but not stopping me
N- so when you are walking are you …doing a daimon ? ( daimon is the nick name they have given domyouji…lol)
J- no im not!
N- what about the hot dog
J- no im not holding a hot dog
A- so you`re quite normal then
S- maybe people find it hard to go up to u
J- people say that to me quite often
S- they think u will say… “go away commoner!”
All- laughs
A- what a horrible guy
all- laughs
J- yeh like….if someone said to me “excuse me”…. i’d be like “YOU COMMONER!”
J- what does everyone think of love so sweet?
S- love so sweet…well I really like it
J- I like this song too..its good ne?
S- yeh its good..its really good!
O- hehe
A- what do u like about it
N- yehyeh, that’s what we wanna hear
S- eh?
A- we have released 18 tracks so far…what.
N- what do u like about this one
S- I like the parts… WOW WOW WOW….YEH YEH
A- im sorry, which parts?
S- that’s why I like TRF’s song, survival dance
O-its like karaoke!
N- something to sing at karaoke
S- the WOWOWOW, YEH YEHYEH parts are basic and good!
A- oh rite
S- I think everyone thinks the same too
N- us too??
A/N- well..yes
N- do you not have particular lyrics you like?
J-for me, I can really relate to the lyrics cos im in hanadan, and I really feel my characters presence in the lyrics but… I don’t wanna be rude.but for people who arent involved in the dorama…..
ALL-wow! Hold on a minute!No no no no n
N- no but they asked us to be in hanadan 1, before they asked you …they asked me to play in hanadan
J- oh and you rejected it then
N- yeh, I rejected THEM!
ALL –HAHAHHAHAHA (I love sho baby here…he is properly lol!)
J- don’t mess with me!
S- HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! (sho chan is way tooo cute!!)
N- after I rejected them they asked jun kun
A- so they thought they would ask all of arashi members
N- no but really.. we are involved with it (hanadan and love so sweet)
A- cos like we have been singing the theme song since series 1!
N- thats right!
A- if you put it that way!
N- yeh!...we have so much more of a history than some one like…was it kato natsuki (girl who plays shigeru)
J- yeh
N- so much more of a history
A- so much deeper history
N- I don’t know why we are not invited to the after party!
J- why don’t you come?
S- yeh like!! They should say… “they singers of the theme tune…its arashi!”
N- that’s right!
A- “welcome~~”..and be like “ we will sing !”
S- ahh that is so good!
J- yeh.. if you came that would be so fun!Really!
J-really..you can totally come!.....i mean! For the after party for series 1 ootsuka ai came to the party!
S- hey..then you guys we should go and sing survival dance!
J-why the..?!?!
All –laughs (esp sakuraiba laugh!! Lol)
A- that’s sounds like fun!
N- we had that before thought didn’t we…like the artists who sang the theme song to the drama came to the after party…
A- yeh there was!
N- there was right…but that’s is really nice
A- mmmm
S- wow really …..
J- you should really come
S- what did ootsukai ai chan sing? Sakuranbo (meaning cherry in Japanese)?
J- no she didn’t sing n e thing
N-HAHAHA..why the hell?!? (ootsuka ai’s song planetarium was used in hanadan 1 not sakuranbo sho chan!)
J- its not karaoke!..at the after party
N- yeh its not karaoke..she sang something different right
J- umm..planetarium
N- who is it this time?
J- utada shikaru san (he meant to say hikaru..poor baby)
All- laughs (making fun at the fact he got the name wrong)
O- Is utada san going?
S- isn’t she in new york?
N- so we good like…with SHikaru san
A- collaborate
N- and have the after party at like yokohama arena or something.
J-..haha and what are we gonna do a concert?
All- laughs
J- that wud be so tiring!
S- and then love so sweet
N- why not it might be good
A- it would be good
S- aiba san what do you think of love so sweet
A- I like it
S- you sing the wow wow wow bits with me
A- yeh we sing wow wow wow…including the wow wo w wow…the melody really sticks in your head
O- yeh it does.
A- we did it in the concert
J- hm
A- the January concert and even after I got home it was still in my head
S- I totally get u!
A- you do right?
J-also the bits wow wow yeh yeh
S- it has to be wow wow yeh yeh
All –hahaha!
J- wow wow yeh yeh really stays with you
A- it does
N- for people who sing wow wow it easier to dance right?
S/A- well.. no no no no !its difficult!! you can talk!!!
N- isn’t yeh yeh harder?
S-even though we are singing the song love so sweet we cant even say love so sweet!
S-its … love, so *pause
S- we wanna sing sweet too! (*hugs sakuraiba!!!)
A- that bit is so hard!
S- it is!
A-and the dance too! it’s the best part with the thumb thing but we have to not sing it!
S- we are sooooo the back ground people!
Al- laughs
N- but WOW WOW people have an easier time dancing!
J- definetly easier!...like…you know… we start dancing on the count of one but we cant sing on the count of 1
S- OH ok….
(I think they are demonstrating the dance to each other in this pause)
A- you cant do either of them!
All- laughs!
N- WOW WOW must be so much easier!
O – I was doing it wrong for a while
N- you thought you were wow wow right?
O-yeh ( oh –chan!!! Wake up!!! Lol)
N- he was doing it wrong …he ws meant to be doing yeh yeh
O- I was yeh yeh!
A- he got it wrong on the actual show!
S- satoshi kun what do you think of love so sweet?
O- no..it really does stick in your mind because just beforei go to sleep sometimes and I just naturally hum love so sweet!
N- which part do you hum?
O- the chorus
A/O- omoide…..
O- and then im like….omg ! its love so sweet!.....ahh this is definetly gonna sell well!
All – laughs!
S- how well?
N- how well?
S- it can be just an estimate
N- just an estimate!
O- definetly a million selling record!
S- million !
A- million selling!
S- one million!
O –one million is solid!
J- oh its solid?!?!
s- what would you do if it does become a million selling record? Will ohno satoshi change in n e way? When walking the streets and stuff
O-i wanna do a daimon! (remember daimon is what they started to call domyoji)
S do a daimon?
A- yeh do a daimon!..then go on tv as daimon!
N- stick your jaw out at the same time
A- yeh that’s right
N- daimon!
J-dress as daimon when you go on tv
S- go on tv with your jaw out face
J- yeh
O- oh yeh!
All- laughs
A- but youwudnt be able to speak!
All- laughs!
N- love so sweet ne.. I think its good!
J- ok ..then if it does become a million seller I will give daimon to you as a present
J- yeh
O-oh..ok….yes please! (oh chan uses a polite form of Japanese… to jun who is younger than him so he doesn’t have to )
All- laughs!!!!
J- what sort of relationship..is this?
S- the coupling track is good! Fight song!
N- yeh that’s right! Is it in this one?
J- no its not in this one 8 I think they are pointing at the special and normal versions of the single)
N- its not in this one
All- its in the other one
A- that really gets you going that dong does!
S- yeh it does
A- yeh
N- obviously
J- when we first made the track we didn’t think it would be such a uplifting track did we?!
All –yeh
J- seriously
N- we started singing it in the encore
J- I think in the summer tour..last year
O- oh yeh
S- that was so high!
A- yeh so high!
J- wasn’t it…in the beginning , we had a complaint form someone “im hearing the song for the first time so please sing it properly!”
All- hahhaa
S- OI! OI! OI! OI! We wernt singing!
N- we weren’t singing properly
J- cos I mean we were so high !
O- all we are saying is hai hai!
J- im gonna change to a bit of a serious subject but I was thinking the other day…….umm…sorry can I talk?!? (do S!!!!!!!!)
A- yes yes…(poor aiba chan!)
J- remember we did the concert to commemorate us going international?
All – hm
J- the other day in an interview they asked me about it, and when I was talking about it something came to me
All- hm
J- it suddenly occurred to me that…even though everyone is kinda take their own paths as members of arashi….going their different ways and growing up along 5 sifferent paths, when it comes down to ..doing something as arashi... in cluding the asia tour and stuff…we all kinda fit together really well..onto arashi’s path…
All- hm
J- I felt really good about doing this at this time cos.. I thought that timing and stuff would play a huge part in it cos..sometimes people have to take in the other people changes and stuff but I felt really at ease and comfortable doing it and it just..fit.
All- hm
J- so…what should we do now?
S- so theres not really a conclusion…
J- yeh that was just my point of view, my way of thinking.. so its just basically..what does every one else thing…and what should we do form now on….
S- well…at the end of the day….we have the dome tour!!! It’s the dome! Tokyo dome!
N- yeh Tokyo dome…its Osaka!
S- well… our first ever dome tour includes 3 domes….how does….everyone feel?
N- right now?
S- yeh….
A- establishing a point?
S- yeh
N-well…the dome are very big
All- hm
N- so … I think we ought to get as close as we can to the audience
A- definetly
s- with the audience
A- the stage is so big too! the actual stage itself!...the audience seats too..
N- oh has the stage been set?
A- yes…just about
n- what is it like?
A-…well no …just think about it generally….. it’s the stage that we use every year for the countdown…its that same stage but we …5 have to fill it.. I mean I think we will also have the suppor of the juniors but…we really have to move A LOT!
S-.so we have to pull out the unbelievable additional member!
A- you wanna add more?!?!?!
S- yeh the unbelievable!
N- when we go out on stage
A- like 10 of us!..arashi!!HAHA
J-no one will know who they are
N- sudience wont know who arashi are!
A- yeh..well if we do that we can go all sorts of places…
N- that’s right
A- yep
n- but I wanna run! Cos I mean it is Osaka dome and Tokyo dome!
N- the place where they do baseball
J- hm
N- you gain as much as you run!
S- hm..and …what was it matsumoto kun?
J- I just hope tat the point we all aim for is that same
S- for 2007
S-but I think we have always been aiming for the same place…what do you think?
O/J- I think so
J- yeh well..i think as a result…hmm..no..actually iwont
O- yeh don’t
A- yeh leave it! I don’t really get it either
N- ok then..aiba san let hear the way in which we aim to go!
A-..well everyone has their own different paths…both narrow and wide paths…on road paths and off road paths….(psychologist Dr aiba)
A-thrashing through the rugged paths…whether we are on Ferrari or a truck….there are all sorts
S- or a wild boar.. (this year is the year of the wild boar according to Chinese calender I think)
A- ..lol..whether is a wild boar…but even though we are taking these separate paths, when we get to the concerts those paths become one..
all- hm
A- and every time those paths come together , the main paths gets wider and wider
All- hm
A-i think we have been able to continue to do this..
S- hm
A- and the next aim…tokyo dome….a parking area, seaside bay if you will…..
All – laughs
A- it’s a very large place
J- was Osaka dome a little smaller? Tha capacity
All- just a little?
O- o really?
N- Osaka dome is a little smaller
A- so its basically what sort of performance will we do there…
J- what sort of performance do you want to do
A- this time?
J-yeh…at Osaka and Tokyo.and….
A-what sort of performance?.....we have to show the best of arashi ne………
A- what do you think sakurai kun?
All- laughs
J- hes passing the question!
S- what?
A-what do you think sakurai kun
S- the performance?
A- what sort of performance?
S- even thought the site is bigger, we should do it how we normally do..our own way… it will be a success if we can perform at a bigger place doing OUR type of show….probably..(wise words my keio boy!)
N- the arashi ness
S- hm…but even as matsumoto kun said..i think 2006…was like a time for us to…be on the hill side of our mountain…looking once again at the summit/goal
J- hm
S- and then..2007
N- we are here
O- its already started
N-ohno san!
O- yeh….well if every one is healthy
All – laughs
A- healthy living
O- cos we are approaching a live performance.. so we don’t wanna be…injuring ourselves (so caring for the other members)
A- everytime..for 7 years you have been saing that…healthy is no 1…well I guess it is etiquette.
S- you took that form kimura kun (kimura takuya) off tv
A- I was properly watching that! Thinking….aww he is totally right!
N-were we all watching that?
All – yeh backstage
N- oh yeh..it was 2ji pita..no
J-no 2jichyao ? pin pon?
N- pin pon pin pon(they are naming names of tv programmes)
S- satoshi san…what your take..we will end on your comment
O- wait..but..its 50,000 people right?
S- yeh
O-50,000Against 5
S-about 10,000 per person
O- its mad!
S- what shall we do
O- cos like..we’ve performed at yokohama arena and stuff..but its double…no more than double that!
J- yeh yokohama arena is like 15,000
S- what shall we do
O- we have to work 3 times as hard!
All – laughs
O- Johnny san was saying that!
O- he said…that…when the crowd is larger…then ..then…work …..work 3 times as hard……….
J- when did he say that?the boss…
O-he said it like…5 or 6 years ago
All- laughs
S- quite a while ago then
J- well remembered
N- even tho there was no talk of this 5 or 6 years ago….
A- but it looks like fun cos like…the difference between moving and not moving is so large this time that …it seems like fun…
O- yeh we gotta run!
A- hmmmm run where we gotta run..stop where we gotta stop
S- sooo what shall we do……satoshi san….your morale for 2007 or a phrase
A- how many times have you asked that question
S- plan for 2007 , theme!
O- theme?
J- yeh
S- if you decide on that we will all follow you!
O- well…lets…all five of us unite and aim towards…..1 point…. Lets go!
All- GO!
N- ok
O- yoroshiku ne! ( yoroshiku is like….a greeting…like…please look out for me from now on..lets look out for each other….sorta thing)
J- us too!
S- yoroshiku
N- ill work hard
O – im gonna work hard too
J- please do
S- please


phew!! that was long!..just to let ya'll know how much these boys have talked for...this part 2 is 19 pages of A4!! according to microsoft word!!! man they can talk!

i love whne they are talking about love so sweet with the WOW WO~W and YA~Y 's....so cute! and i cant get over how much i love sho kuns laugh... its so addictive and so happy...sakuraiba laugh just kills me though!!!! im sure you can understand ..(ne tess chan?!?)

hope you all enjoyed...im looking around for some more mag scans and stuff to do.. so watch this space!
arashi special is on FRIDAY!!! dont miss it everyone!!!! i definetly wont!!!
much love !!!!
comment appreciated as always!


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