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Song for the Unloved (Arashi fic - based on a true story)

This fic is based on one of News Zero's reports. You can see the video in Youtube (sorry I don't remember the link). Video clip translations goes to Nyanchan
You can get Arashi's Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi full lyrics and translations here.
The song entitled 'Song for the Unloved' at the beginning of the fic is by Backstreet Boys, you can get the full lyrics here.
I have totally no idea what exactly happened to the girl, so please pardon my imagination.

Song for the Unloved

This is a song for the unloved
This is the music for one last cry
This is a prayer that tomorrow will
Help me leave the past behind
It's a song for the unloved


   "Busu! Busu! Busu!..."

   Echoes, everywhere; all around her, the world spinning. Dareka, tasukete kudasai! Deep in her, she shouted with all her might, dareka, kikoetaka? Onegai!

   A strong push came and she fell without warnings, too quick for her to reach out her hands to support herself. Landing on her left jaw, she moaned in pain. It’s bleeding, I tasted blood.

   “Sunao ni naran to buchi-nomesu ze~”

   Her hair was violently pulled up, as a cruel face revealed before her, “I guess you didn’t understand that, do you?” she heard her say, “kitendayo?! Seibai wo shite kureru!!”

   The pain of her jaw is enough to kill her, she could say nothing but look at her attacker pleadingly. It’s no use, she knew, but please… let me go.

   As the crowd encircled her, it’s coming again. She shut her eyes in fear as she took a big gulp of the blood bleeding in her mouth, will this ever stop?


   “Ahh~” Sakurai Sho stretched himself as he came out of the meeting room, so this time the topic’s about bullies huh…

   “You’ve got any ideas?” one of his colleagues came behind him, grabbing his shoulder, “Keio University graduate,” he grinned.

   Sho shrugged, “don’t address me like that,” smiling, “I’ll have to think about it. I’m sure I’ll come up with something decent…”
   “That’s our Sakurai-kun,” came the reply, “ja, mata ne~”

   “Bye!” Sho waved.

   Now what? he sighed.


   Curling up in the corner of her room, she couldn’t help but think, I am not wanted in this world, this is not where I belong.

   The pain all over her was so extreme they became numb. As she rubbed her upper arm to sooth the bruises from the brutal beatings she received, she could feel nothing but prickling heat.
   Her tears dried, how long has she cried? Who cares? Everything felt empty. No pain, no gain, she heard people say, I’ve got plenty of pain, but where’s my gain?!

   What have I done to deserve this? she asked herself, I’ve always been an outcast, no one likes me.

   Perhaps I should not burden anyone anymore, she thought, everyone hates me. Mom would always cry when she sees me hurt like this, school is hell to me, dad would always question me if I really did fall by myself… she grabbed her own hair, I can’t take it anymore…

   She reached into her pocket, slowly pulling out a penknife which she had with her all the time, so long, lonely world.


   “Hey Sakurai! Take a look at this.”

   “Nani kore?” Sho asked as he came to the computer and saw the messages left on News Zero’s website.

   “Try reading,” his colleague stood up and gave him the seat, “seems like Arashi isn’t just any normal storm,” he smiled and walked off.

   What is he talking about? Sho thought.

   That, is what he is about to find out in a few second’s time.


   “Sure, that’ll do,” Jun said as he hung up the phone.
   “Alright,” Nino said into the phone, “ja ne.”
   “Ooh, omoshiroi,” Aiba said, “I’ll do it.”
   Ohno stared into the air, “They all said okay?” his phone against his ear, “count me in!”


   She slumped into the couch as she turned on the television. I’m not going to school anymore, at least not now, she thought, no one’s gonna help me.

   She was so close to death, she realized. If it weren’t for the Arashi song she suddenly heard from her neighbour’s ever-too-loud radio, if it weren’t for the lyrics so meaningful, she wouldn’t even be here watching News Zero, seeing her favourite Arashi member Sakurai Sho in his kakkoii suit.

   Tsuyoku naritai, she told herself, I will try my best to be strong. Deep in thought, Arashi would hope that their fans are strong, wouldn’t they?

“….but due to the lyrics in Arashi's song Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi ‘dare ka ga, dare ka wo, sasaete ikite irun da’….”

   What? she couldn’t believe her ears, that’s me they’re talking about right? That very same line I heard that night!

   Sitting in front of the television, she did not know how to react. They got my email, they read my email, and now they’re using my email!

   Calming herself, can it be true?


   “Aiba-kun and Nino have the same answers,” Sho noticed.

Bullying, what the heck is it? – Ninomiya Kazunari

Bullying, what is it? – Aiba Masaki

   “About the meaning of it,” Sho said, “let’s start with Nino.”

   “Wouldn’t it be nice if the world is like this?” Nino explained, “my children and grandchildren, when I become a father, then a grandfather; they would ask me ‘ne, what’s bullying?’” he imitated a child’s voice, “I, too, don’t want to ever know what this word means, I’d like to make this possible.”

   “What about Aiba-kun?” Sho asked.

   “About my answer,” Aiba started, “it is something I want others to think about. I think there are people who are completely different when they join the workforce from when they graduate from high school.”

For a spirit that triumphs over bullying – Matsumoto Jun

   Jun said and turned his card, “A spirit that makes it so that those bullies won’t want to bully others, a strong will that will make it so that you’re neither ‘the bully’, or ‘the one being bullied’,” as he shifted his position, “if you don’t have a strong spirit, the problem won’t be solved, right? This is what I think.”

Those who bullies are 100% wrong – Ohno Satoshi

   Smiling, Ohno showed his card, “usually, those who bully others, no matter what reasons, are wrong in the first place. For example, say even someone who was bullied to begin with, and begins to bully back, I think at that point the bullying will never end. That’s why I said they are 100% wrong.”


   That song which saved me, she thought, teary-eyed, thank you for it.

   She did not care to wipe her tears, it doesn’t matter anymore. Kandoshimashita, her tears flowed rapidly, arigatou, Arashi no minna-san…

Bullying – the power of a word – Sakurai Sho

   “….although the bullies often plan to say things that you can’t hide from, those incidents also caused lots of pain. I’d like them to become aware of the painful emotions they cause to those they bullied. Although it’s embarrassing and difficult to speak of it to your parents, friends, teachers, and those who are close to the one being bullied, I think it would be goof if they could get courage to use a few words to ask advise, to send out an SOS. I think there’s nothing to be ashamed of about asking for help.”


   Taking a deep breath, “kyoutou-sensei, I have something I must tell you…” she rolled up her sleeves, revealing her bruises.

Busu – ugly bitch
Dareka – someone, anyone
Tasukete kudasai – please help/save me
Kikoetaka – can you hear it?
Onegai – please
Sunao ni naran to buchi-nomesu ze – I’ll beat the hell out of you if you don’t do as I say
Kitendayo – do you hear me?
Seibai wo shite kureru – I’ll destroy you
Mata – I’ll see you again
Kore nani – what’s this?
Kakkoii – cool
Tsuyoku naritai – I want to be strong
Kandoshimashita – I’m touched
Arigatou – thank you
Arashi no minna-san – everyone in Arashi
Kyoutou-sensei – assistant principal

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