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WINK UP APRIL 07 trans (1)

sorry its taken me so long. i start my uni course next week so i have been a little busy with all that... im just about gettin gused to living alone, and ive met loads of people in my student apartment...tokyo is hot hot hot!! although there have been some cold damp grey days too...im praying for more sunshine and warmth though (im so sick of winter)


n e way... ive only had time to translate oh chan/aiba chan and sho chans part...i will get round to doing jun and nino soon....

WINK UP April 2007

Do you feel that you are content with your present self or do you feel discontent?

A- It depends whether I look at this question generally or very specifically. Im fairly discontent. Now that we re in February, there is so much pollen around!. Its so hard. Im not at all content with the pollen! That’s if I look at this question in a smaller sense. I hope that they invent a really good medicine for hay fever.

S- I am sooo happy. I said ‘ I am so happy ‘ about 10 times yesterday. I went snowboarding in my own time recently. With 10 of my friends. I was so happy. I was having way too much fun. Nothing unusual happened but we went to the place where we had our graduation holiday. I was so happy!i was meant to return last night but I gave up and I came back this morning. I was so happy! I wishes time could just stop. Me and the guys all went to a public bath together and went snowboarding and there is a trick that you ca ndo on the snowboard. But there were 5 guys who couldn’t do it. I was the leader of the group of guys wo couldn’t do it!. I was like ‘ OK LETS go!!’ and everyone would be like ‘ yes sir!’Basicaly I was unbelievably happy. So happy that I nearly couldn’t come back.

O- I am happy. I am content. Even though I was at home all day yesterday I was content. Cos I can do whatever I want without anyone telling me what to do. If we are talking about now, I am happy but I want to be even more happy in the future. I think everyone has that feeling. Cos once you are fully content with life, that is the end.

Would you want to be re-born as yourself or be born as someone else?

A- Whichever. Even if I am born as the same person, depending on my surroundings I might become a completely different person. I might be doing a completely different job. So, in conclusion I think I would wanna be born as someone else. If I was to do it all again. That’s if I am born a human again. If I was a cicada(type of bug in japan), then my life would only be for a week. But for a cicada that is the norm. its not like what a human experiences. Well, whatever world I it is it would be fun (laughs).

S-i would want to be myself. Because I am so happy. I wouldn’t mind being someone else but I would want everyone around me to be the same. Because I have fun at work and fun in my private life. If I was someone else….it would be a waste.but if it was for 3 or 3 days… on a working weekday.. then maybe..

O- Im ok with being me. But I want to try doing something completely different. But if it meant reliving experiences and memories then I wouldn’t mind doing my life again. Cos then I can fix mistakes that I have made in the past. I wanna see what it would be like to live a life without any mistakes.

Lets say your partner may be cheating on you….would you look and watch the situation? Ask your partner directly? Suddenly turn cold on your partner and keep a distance from your partner?

A-I don’t know…I think asking directly would be last. Even if we break up then I could always ask then. Would I investigate it? I don’t really have it in me to investigate. But I think that whatever happens happens. Even though my partner may be cheating on me, if I don’t have to know then I think that its better if I don’t find out. I mean, what is cheating on someone? To say ‘don’t ever cheat on me’ to someone you are not even married to … I ask how much responsibility do you have on the other person. And can you really take responsibility for that person into the future?...so if I don’t know then I think that’s fine. Even if they are cheating , it will all come out in the end. But what I think is that even if someone cheats on me, it is the other person who would feel the guilt and pain. I think if I was to cheat on someone, I would feel as though I had to tell my partner. I don’t wanna boast but I wanna trust the goodness in my heart.

S-I would first just wait calmly. Wait and then ask..of course I would ask!i need them to tell me straight in black and white. For me there is no grey zone. If I found out they were cheating on me, well, I would have to take it in. if ‘I’ actually found out my partner was cheating on me, then, I would first get really down. But if they weren’t cheating on my feelings then I think it would soften the pain. I don’t think I could move on too easily but I would try and look forward.

O- I think I would wait and see. No, I would ask ‘are you cheating on me?’. it would be ‘bye bye’ if they said yes. If they say no then then, I would stay with them but I feel as though we would eventually fall apart. Im the type of person who doesn’t mind if my partner is cheating on me, as long as I don’t find out. So I don’t mind if you are playing me well. I think one is cheating when they pass a certain point. I think it is totally ok for a girl to go out with a guy for a meal or exchange emails without it being unfaithful to their partners. As long as they don’t go past a certain point. What would I do if my partner had gone past that point but is saying that I am their only one? I wouldn’t like it, its too fussy and I cant be bothered.

Would you want to celebrate anniversaries/important days with you partner or are you not really up for that sort of idea.

A-I think in a general sense it would be good. I think monthly anniversaries or , days we had been together, minutes, seconds would be a bit tough. But it think it would be fun. Looking at the clock together and counting down the seconds. So I am up for whatever really. I don’t fall into either category, im more of a just have fun category. I like surprises so I would like to be like ‘What is this part for?’, and then finding out that it was an anniversary would be food. I am in the ‘ just have fun’ group.

S-Im not really up for it. I think birthdays and Christmas is enough. I don’t reall need Christmas either. Cos I am Santa (laughs). but if my partner was to party for xmas then I would be up for it. But if my girlfriend was to say to me ‘you know today is a year since we started going out’ then that would be quite cute. Cos I would feel how much the other person love me which is nice.

O- if there is an anniversary or somethine I would think about it in advance but when it comes to the day I am the type of person who forgets about it. If my partner asked me to celebrate cos it was an anniversary then I would. But I am not really the type of person who makes a fuss over anniversaries. I reckon as you remember them. Cos then you would have to think about them every day. I just cant be bothered. As long as we are together, I don’t think presents or going out for dinner or cakes matter. I wouldn’t like for my birthday etc to be celebrated like that. Although I like holding surprise parties for friends. And giving presents for people on random days. That’s the type of present giving and celebrating I like.

What have you been up to recently?
A- the film 7kiroi namida’ will be coming out soon. The soudntrack for this is really good. Its really heartwarming. There is our individual versions and a group version and we are singing in it too and it goes really well with the movie so please enjoy them both. Also I went to Hokkaido (north part of japan) to film for Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen, and I went to a snow festival for the first time. It was really dark cos it was quite late in the night but I was really moved by it. What was so amazing was that inside blocks of ice were fish…whole fishes ….it was so much fun. Enjoy it when it airs on tv. OH!yeh, recently I am really into Prison Break. It is SOO much fun. I am watching the DVD and it is soo good. I got to the place where I was meant to meet my manager early so I got out my dvd player and watched it on my own drinking coffe. I was a bit embarrassed cos everyone was looking at me.

S- I think I am gonna talk about Kennmisei (tv programme that sho was in). Part 4 has been confirmed. Its amazing right1 its already part 4. I was so happy when they called on me again. Filming for that is so much fun. Cos you get to go to different places everyday and in one filming, you go to like 3 different places! So on the 4th day you have been to 12 places. There isn’t any province in japan I havnt been to. Also ‘ yoni mo kimyou na monogatari’ has also been confirmed. I was so emotional cos I used to love tat programme when I was a kid. I would play the opening theme song on the piano at home. That’s how much I loved it. I am about to go for filming but please enjoy both programmes. Also in april ‘kiroi namida’ will be released. The sound track is really good!.there is one song that all of arashi are singing which is really good. One of my favourites. Also SAKEROCK’s music is really good too. you can enjoy it with just the soundtrack. Please listen to it!

O- Ive been watching movies on cable tv at home. For ages. I have seen quite a few movies now. I don’t really remember the names of the movies. And the other day I was planning on painting an oil painting so I bought canvas and paint. Then, I don’t know why but I must have dropped the canvas somewhere. It felt like someone was telling me not to paint. So I didn’t know what else to do so I was watching tv. I even went back to the store when I realized it was gone but it wasn’t there. I watched tv and then went to sleep at 12 cos I was tired. That is really a recent happening. Also a little while ago I have been doing interviews for kiroi namida. Although that seems to have calmed down a bit. I always seem to be saying the same thing so I have run out of things to say. The dome? At the moment we are having meetings about it. But meetings about the set/stage. I wonder how it will turn out. I can kind of picture how it will be cos we have the yearly countdown there but we have never performed as just arashi. I will work hard cos the stage is so big. I am looking forward to it. I hope to be able to show loads of people what arashi is about and have fun.


..i you are all well and good...ive discovered some more scans thanks to tess chans vox (check out the new icon...kyaa!!-sleeping sho chan = HOT NESS) which i will try and translate asap..!!


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