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Okay, this might sound crazy, but I am a stickler for what kind of album artwork goes onto my music files in my iTunes library. I like seeing the album covers of what I'm listening to. One of my biggest frustrations is that I have been unable to find high quality scans of Arashi album covers. The only one that I have in HQ is the first album "ARASHI NO.1 (ICHIGOU) Arashi wa Arashi wo Yobu" (because someone was nice enough to post her HQ scans of the liner notes a couple of days ago). I have looked EVERYWHERE!

Does anyone have HQ scans of the liner notes for the Arashi albums "Single Collection 1999-2001", "Here We Go!", "How's It Going?", "Iza, Now", "5x5 The Best Selection of 2002-2004", "One", and "Arashic"? If you do, I'll be eternally grateful!


Love so sweet - Arashi - Love So Sweet

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