yoyokimono (yoyokimono) wrote in a_ra_shi,

ARASHI's name

heyo heyo... this question has been on my mind lately... and i was wondering if u guys can help clear it up for me... i knoe japaanese people, actually asian people in general goes by the last name first and then their first name.... welll wat are ARASHI's last and first names... hehe i get miss up wit how american people write their names... i mean is "ninomya" nino's last or first name??? and so on wit the other members...

so can u guys please clear this up for me and my curious mind.. hehe oh and i was wondering whether anyone in ARASHI smokes... tats bad habit and i think it's a pity if any of them smokes... hopefully not nino, ne...

arigatou if u can tell me... ^_^

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