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Sharing some vids

I was on veoh last night, and...

I found this clip of Arashi Vegas [2007.05.02]. Thanks to jane bling! I don't know if this has been posted before, but I think it hasn't.

Online Videos by

Sho's not very good at this game...v___v.

Would anyone care to give a brief translation of what they're saying please?


Here's another on that I found, thanks to jane bling@veoh, where it's Arashi in their first years of being together.

This one is crazy! The man is creepy/psycho...

Online Videos by

That man is sooo scary ne?! Poor Jun!!

Doesn't anyone else notice that Aiba is like totally freaked out by this man? He keeps getting close to Ohno and the rest of them when the man gets near him....<.<...




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