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about 260 or so screencaps of Matsujun in hana yori dango and a request

Hi! okay so i am offically in love with the drama Hana Yori Danga *dies after remebering matsujun as doumyoji* *revives self by remebering that there is a episode next week* anyways i would just love to say thank to the uploader dream_raine and since i have no life i screen capped all, well most of matsujun's parts in the first 9:04 of the drama (yes, i have no life) be warned Matsujun ahead... sorry x-posted

Um... i know that people would not want to do this but could somebody with a really big heart possibly upload Tokyo Tower for me?? Clubbox, bittorent, bitcomet, bittornado doesn't work for me and i wouldn't ask for such a big favor but i really, really, really want to see this!!! okay that was the request now here is Matsujun...

In case you haven’t had enough here’s 219 (okay technically 218 if you don’t count the F4 sign, crap and think there's like 3 or so not of him (sorry)) of Matsujun in the first 9 minutes and 4 seconds of Hana Yori Dango! It’s really cool if you go through all the pictures rapidly it pretty much is the beginning of the drama!!! I just want to screen cap all the parts he’s in… okay maybe that’s a little too much…. Wait can you have too much of Matsujun?

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