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Josei Jishin scans

First post! Please regard me kindly~ =P

I'm sure everyone has these already, but just in case you don't, here are those infamous pictures from Josei Jishin in HQ! It's so HQ you can see the particles of dust on my scanner bed >< but I'm sure someone could photoshop them out if they could be bothered (I don't have Photoshop).

I had to load it up on Megaupload in a zip file - I didn't realise that they were that big... if enough people complain I guess I could take a stab at putting it up elsewhere (but I have zero experience so bear with me).

I don't suppose that someone could translate the interviews... the only bit I can make out is yourself in 40 years or something like that...

And sorry, but I gotta share the love and cross-post ^^

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