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Dr leon and arashi mp4


I uploaded this a while back when I was bored. It's a mp4 encode for vipods. I can't really remember where I got the clip though. The boys are in the G no Arashi uniforms still.

Brief summary among other things

Name: Dr. Leon - 2006.03.17

Subs: No Subs

Summary: Dr. Leon performing magic tricks for Arashi.

(i) Heart-stopping knife act (ii) The many colors of sakura dango (iii) The space-travelling egg

Favourite moments: No idea who Dr Leon is, but his favourite phrase after each magic trick is "Completo". So after a magic trick, Nino imitated Dr Leon and said "Completo desu". (Mecha mecha kawaii!!)

P.S. I can give a rough translation if anybody wants it but I think magic tricks are usually pretty self-explanatory. ^__^

Download here!

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