memory_angel (memory_angel) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Any Singaporean fans going for Arashi's concert?

Just wanna ask if anyone from Singapore is going for Arashi's concert on either the 14th or 15th july??.. I haven't got any tickets, but I'll need to have someone to go Japan together before I can even say about tickets! My dad doesn't allow me to go alone and wants at least 2 friends to go together :( Oh man, I really wanna go for their concert this year, and I dunno why I have this sudden urge to go as well :(

Anyways, went to mise and the person told me that quite a lot of ppl applied for the tix, so chances of me getting tix from there is relatively low :( probably will be asking arashi@vox to get tix if I can ever find someone else to go with :(

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