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Happy Birthday Ninomiya Kazunari~!

Tanjoubi Omedetou~~! Ninomiya Kazunari-san~~!!

Actually, his birthday was yesterday, I'm sorry Nino-kun for not able to wish you on the right date, because now full of test test test~~~!!!!! AARRRGHHH

But I've been making a poem for you~~!!! I hope that you like it. This poem is for Nino's 24th Birthday by me. Please don't take it away without my permission and says that its yours,ne~~!! ^_^(Well...I know no one would do that, because my poem is so childish >.<)

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Ninomiya Kazunari
The group prankster of ARASHI
Enjoys his fun
Make others spun
Around around dizzily.

He laughs and smiles
Enjoys his time
While others try
To make him quiet
But simply waste their energy.

He's quiet at times
And mysterious
We never know
If he's a genius!

He is talented
Writing lyrics
Playing guitar
Video games addicted~!

We all know that
We all love him
He is in your heart
As well as mine

Never gets apart
From our heart
Tanjoubi Omedetou~~!!!

(hehehe...the last stanza ended weridly ne? ^^" But I'm not a poetess so this is what I can do :P)

I hope you all like it and I hope Nino had a nice day`~!!!

By puppetyuki~~!

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