JessLovesHYD (jessloveshyd) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi on [Zoom in Super]!

Here is the video of Arashi's quick appearance on Zoom in Super today. They're all looking good ne? Especially Jun-kun... he's no longer skinny~!
They are talking about their movie [Kiiroi Namida] and how it's popular not only in Japan but in Korea too. Congrats~!

This is courtesy of Jen at arashiland. Arigatou!
Kazu: Good morning to all of you watching Zoom In! Super!
Arashi: We are Arashi!
Jun: Hatori-saaaaaaaaaan! (waving)
[Hatori-san said Good Morning in the small screen]

Sho: The movie Kiiroi Namida by 5 of us is very well received in Korea.....
Kazu: BIG hit yo!
Aiba chan: We are so happy.
Sho: This movie is about Japan in the 1960s right... Yet it is also being watched overseas. To me this is quite unbelievable ne...
Kazu: Well there are still people who have yet to watch the movie, so please go to watch this ne....
Arashi: This has been Arashi for you!

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