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random question

If this isn't allowed by the mods, then please, just go ahead and delete it. This has been driving me crazy since I joined this particular Arashi comm last year: Why is is that on any comp (desktop, laptop, net cafe or personal, etc) when I access this comm directly (the comm home page) I cannot see any entries at all. None. Nothing. Can't use the calendar section to go to past entries, can't try and change fonts. Nothing. I see the layout with no problem at all, but there are literally no posts visible ever. The only way I can ever see them is if I read them via my flist and just scroll through them with all the other journal and comm posts. Even using Firefox versus Explorer does not help.

Does anyone else have this problem, and if not, does anyone at least have some idea as to why this is the only comm I'm having this strange issue with?

Thanks in advance! ^__^A

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