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Arashi-world update!

Hi everyone ^-^

I have a few (some are a bit late? DX) updates about arashi-world.com to tell you all about ^-^

First of all, there was a logo contest going on for a little while and it's now time to vote! (go here for details) The new logo will bring a proper website layout as there is basically *none* at the moment and will also help me pay for the website a little ^-^
The fanart gallery was also launched a while ago and I can say Arashi fans are very talented o_o; There are mostly drawings of Nino, but I think it's because it's Nino month right now so it should start to be more balanced after a while XD
A message for Brazilian fans: You can now join the North America FC because it has changed to the USA&Canada&Brazil FC!! ^-^
Also, nothing is certain yet but keep an eye on the website because we have a very big and exciting project coming up :D I'm litteraly holding back to write about it because I'm *way* too excited about it myself X3

Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to receive the lastest updates. Just send an email to newsletter@arashi-world.com! It's fast and easy :D

I don't really want to spam LJ/Vox communities all the time so it's the best way to keep upated about what's going on! Not many people are on the newsletter list yet so I wouldn't want anyone missing out on things because they're not informed DX
I'd also need a few people to help promote the website for the next few days (weeks?). Comment or send me an email if you are interested or have ideas ^-^ You can also just talk about it on your blogs, it might help too ^-^

X-posted, sorry if you see this twice ^-^;;

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