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[DL] Arashi Tokyo Dome concert fancams

I've uploaded some fancams (not the whole concert) of the Tokyo Dome perf that I just found, including the must-see Aiba-chan solo "Namida no Nagareboshi" and a remix of Unti Unti by Sho-kun ^^

Fancam includes:
Nino's solo - Himitsu
La Tormenta 2004
CARNIVAL NIGHT part2 + Kitto Daijoubu + Love so sweet
Aiba's solo - Namida no Nagareboshi
Sho's solo - Unti Unti + Jun's solo - Tell me what you wanna be?
PIKA☆NCHI: + Sunrise Nippon
Ashita ni mukatte hoero + EYES WITH DELIGHT
Hero + Fight song
Wish + Love so sweet

( Over here )

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