(Jen) (okenakab) wrote in a_ra_shi,

AAA DVD Question

Hello, all :D I'm a new member, but I think this is a legit post:

I wanted to buy the AAA Limited Edition DVD, and I noticed there are two version available on YesAsia.com - the Hong Kong version and the Japanese version. Other than the fact that they are different region DVDs and that one is lighter than the other, I don't see a major difference between the two. However, the price gap is over $30. Does anyone know why? Obviously, I would like to purchase the Hong Kong version because it eats up less of my wallet (and has subtitles I'd understand), but I don't want to rush into a purchase without checking it out first.

Thank you all for your feedback! :D I've decided to hold out on getting the DVDs until I see if I can go to Japan this summer and see the AAA DVD for myself XD;

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