jiakimi (jia_kimi) wrote in a_ra_shi,

after watching a lot of mago mago arashi, arashi no totsugeki kodomo no bangohan, of course the subbed version translated by nyanchan and subbed by yukie_chan, thanx both of you for this!!!
i realized that how much i wanted sho as the father of my children!!
he's sooo fatherly handling the kids...but my fave is リーダー!!
he'll be a good dad too!!

so, rank them all which will be the best dad...

NO 1 -------> SHO!! ( don't wanna say i want to marry him since i want to marry oh-chan!!! yukie_chan, i know sho's yours ;-p)
NO 2 -------> OH NO! (i always love his bakaness!!)
NO 3 -------> AIBA ( he'll spoiled the kids!)
NO 4 -------> MATSUJUN (i don't know whether he likes kids or not but he's good at cooking,ne)
NO 5 -------> NINO (zannen ne, but he said that he hates kids)

so, what's your ranking?


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