Baby Pixie Sells. . .Her Soul (babypixie_sells) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Baby Pixie Sells. . .Her Soul

Huge Magazine Sale! Everything Must Go!

Hello everybody!  Hisashiburi!

During my time in Japan, I've amassed quite a collection of magazines that I now need to get rid of because they're just too darned heavy to ship home. =/  I'll be leaving the country in a little more than a month, so everything must go!

All magazines have only been flipped through once (if even!) and are in perfect condition.  I'm selling them at original price OBO.

Some highlights of what I have to sell:
- the infamous an-an issue with the (near) nekked pictures of Matsujun!
- Arashi Around Asia photobook
- Bokuimo souvenir pamphlet
- official JE photos (pics will be up soon!)

Please drop by my LJ for more details and the complete list of goods.

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