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[TV] Arashi no Shukudai-kun 2007.07.16 on MU


I bring the most recent Shukudai-kun on Megaupload. Just one link, as usual.

Jun has a new hair style! Reminds me of the Iza Now period which I really love &hearts
As long as he doesn't have those ugly long extensions again it's OK *LOL*

I personally enjoyed this episode a lot because there was A LOT of Riida&hearts And... OMG!!!!!!! Ohmiya fangirls! You MUST watch this!!

If you don't want to know what I'm talkign about (and be as happy/shocked as me) before watching the episode, then please DO NOT! look the little caps.

Enjoy! ^___^

Title: Arashi no Shukudai-kun
Date: 2007.07.16
Guest: Ueto Aya
Size: 266.19 MB, AVI
Download: DL

Credits go to lakyniu Clubbox, as always.

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