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Kiiroi Namida - NOW ON SALE!!

No, I'm not joking!... Preorder NOW! And guess what! Guess what!!
ENGLISH SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YATTA!!!
Only problem....the price.. T_T

Release Date: October 3rd, 2007

Regular Edition (1 Disc):

Limited Edition (2 Discs): 

Description: Back then we were always laughing--laughing to keep ourselves from crying. Director Isshin Inudo ("Joze to Tora to Sakanatachi") and the members of pop group Arashi bring you a sad, nostalgic story of dreams, hope, freedom, and adolescent tragedy based on the legendary manga of the same name. Set in Tokyo during the 1950's, the members of Arashi tell a timeless tale of dreams, hope, and frustration, meetings and departures. Limited edition includes bonus disc with director's interview, making-of feature, VFX making-of footage, and more plus bonus illustrated sticker.

I can't believe it... Happiness and Kiiroi Namida all in one week?!? Yeah, and I'll be doing a LOT of chores around the house from now on... but yatta... I get to see Arashi AND understand them!
Don't you have that happy, mushy gushy feeling inside now? I know I do!

I'm still jumping up and down screaming...!

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