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// lost on the web.

[Scans] TV mags, early photo pamphlet & random Jr

Bringing you today some prettiness I found back in my random clipings and also one photo pamphlet from 2000 or 2001 if I'm correct.
Also includes a random scan of NinoxSho in their Jr days (in July 1999, two months beofre they debuted).

As always:
*Credit if you take
*Don't claim as your own
*Comments are <3

All are 300dpi.


Arashi - Photo pamphlet (~2000)
The Television 2003.07.19 -> 2003.07.25
The Television 2004.06.12 -> 2004.06.18
TV Guide 2004.11.06 -> 2004.11.12
TV Guide 2006.05.27 -> 2006.06.02
And one NinoxSho Jr Days

( Hitotsu dakedo happiness )

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