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Help? T_T (about JDorama Nino was in)

I'm hoping someone here can assist us before we go crazy x.x So my roomates and I have been watching this series with Kazunari Ninomiya called Stand Up!! (the Nya! fansubs version) and we totally thought episode 7 was the last one, but then we find out that there are actually 11 episodes and have had zero luck finding the other 4 that we're missing ToT So we come here in search of any assistance ;_; ( tried crunchyroll.com but they had taken it down >.< and the only other thing I found was some french website with subs...well..in french >_O) does anyone know where we can find the remaining 4 episodes or is there anyone kind enough to upload them for us? ;-; We all really love Nino's character (I honestly think this is my fave series I've seen him in) and we reaaaally want to finish this series!! Thank you so much on behalf of all three of us in advance!!

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