JessLovesHYD (jessloveshyd) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi raburabu ♥

Picture spam time~~ a really big one too (150 pictures). These pictures are of Arashi raburabu of all types. I hope that some of these are new for you but if they aren't, sorry but it never hurts to look at them again right? I also hope there are no double posts of pictures, but let me know if there are any so I can take the duplicate down.
I tried my best to not favor any person or pairing and I hope it showed although there are a lot of Nino pics. It was unintentional, really. He just loves the boys the most in my opinion, which is why there are so many of him. I also didn't purposely leave anyone out so it really was an accident if I don't have a lot of your ichiban. I truly love all of them equally.

( Warning: May slow your computer down or cause a nosebleed )

Credits: These were taken from here and there without the intention of sharing so I really have no idea where they are originally from. Some of them still have watermarks of the original uploaders but if you see any of your pictures here, tell me and I can credit you. I will also take your pictures down if you want me to.
Sorry for the fake cut and crossposting. XD

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