like a fortune cookie (short and vague) (konzatsu) wrote in a_ra_shi,
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torrent links out!

hana yori dango ep 4 (raw)!!!!! [ignore the tracker stats, it is functional]

hana yori dango ep 3 (hard sub - sars)

and for those that prefer softsubs... ep3 softsubs here

the d-a tracker appears to be having some issues today, i'm just happy it's up. thanks to everyone who's been sharing this!

also, got a question. ohno's solo, top secret. what cd (if any) is this freaking song on? i know they did it at the iza, now concert, but i went through like every arashi cd on amazon and couldn't find it. i ripped the audio from the live so i could listen to it in the car, but i'd really like a higher quality version. ;_;

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