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Arashi Happiness PV

 MF Links - (001/002)  
video credit: the wonderful adfirmatiosg! thank you  SO MUCH! 

OMG! I JUST DONT KNOW WHERE TO START! im sure by now everyone has the pv already...but i just wanted to share the Arashi love! ALL OF IT! there's just so much! where to start...where to start...

guess who's butt that is?? *wink* 

kyaaaa~! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE these boys. look at how adorable they all look! <3

ohno looks absolutely stunning with those shades on...

he looks stunning even with the lawn mower...

awwwwwww a big ohmiya hug! <3

aiba with darts...lovely! lol XD

who would have thought our sho could do that?? well with those arms...he should be able to! haha

oh aiba...i love you! this boy is just the funniest thing ever. at the same time, the cutest!! <3

awwww look at his face! he loves can tell! lol 

haha ohno and sho being the dorks that they are! and aiba and jun, looking as hot as ever! lol

oh ohmiya...

OH GOD. i LOVE this part! i mean, come on, look at ohno's adorable face! 
and how jun just gradually comes into the picture haha

haha how synchronized these two were!

ok! ohmiya...just WHAT ARE YOU DOING? you two troublemakers...
haha how adorable! lol i can see aiba's nipples body!

CUTE CUTE CUTE! i cant say anything else about it...

sho...i can hear you perfectly well! 

HAHAHAHA! i love nino! <3 you cute little devil!

just when are you two going to get married? we're all waiting you know...

i love how everyone in arashi is just cheering these two on! aww they all just love each other! hehe

hahaha aiba dont eat poor nino's head!!! what are you doing to him?! lol
but it looks like nino's enjoying it...

you little kids boys! i just love this scene...
our two oldest boys in their motorcycle...
and the little ones with the driving aiba <3

awww!! aiba with the puppy! how adorable is that??

haha! sho you are too adorable! i'd kill to be that puppy! <3

NINO'S PREGNANT! the masami news was definitely their way to cover up this EVEN BIGGER news!
so nino's the girl in this relationship, eh?? lol
i love ohmiya! i just absolutely love these two! <3

OMG. look at matsujun! look at how high that jump is!
watch out everyone...the next Michael Jordan of Japan is coming! haha

ADORABLE. period. thats all i can say...*drool*

haha little dork!!

nino! you little adorable devil! sho is most likely never going to play with you ever again! haha
he takes this seriously you know...look at his face! lol XD

ARASHI IS RICH RICH RICH! why? because you guys are so adorable, that we fans would buy anything and everything! ^_^

nino the conductor! absolutely stunning in that as well...
reminds me of yamada taro...

kyaaaa~! jun, you just know how to take a girls breath away dont you??

hahaha omg. look at their faces!
sho sometimes i cant believe your a newscaster....
jun, you can be the biggest dork sometimes! 
oh god. ohno's face!!
and our aiba, in the back, just banging his adorable head!

awww nino! what are you doing to these boys?
first sho, now aiba?
haha this was one of the best parts! 
not to be mean, but that was completely funny! <3

so that's how they show their riida their love.
by throwing him out of the camera's view! haha

aww look at ohno's cute scrunched up face!!

i love each and every one of you for being this dorky! <3

Ohmiya: YAY! YAY! We're pregnant! YAY! We're having a baby! 

its just how they show their clueless riida their love for him! <3 throwing him at the camera! XDDDDD

OH GOD. i still dont know what to say about this PV. it's gotta be one of my favorite! maybe the best PV that Arashi's had!
i mean come on, it cant get any better then this! having arashi in front of the camera, in one room, one space, all together, doing whatever they want, acting like how they usually do around each other!

this PV just shows how close these boys really are with each other! this happiness and this friendship isnt fake folks! its pure love! and that's what i love about them the most! the friendship that they have with one just cant be replaced!

goodness. i love being an arashi fan! i watched this PV about a bazillion times today! literally...i couldnt stop replaying it. it makes me giggle and laugh and feel all warm inside everytime i watch it! thank goodness for this PV, i think the happiness that this has brought me today will last for a whole year! <3

I LOVE ARASHI! who doesnt?? now this makes me wonder what they'll do for the upcoming performances...

are they just gonna sing and dance around like adorable little kids? or is there a dance?? i wanna see them goof around! haha...

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