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So there's a million lot of icons in my Arashi folder and they're just piling up. I figured I wouldn't be able to use this many anyway so they're better off floating around other LJers. :) And erm, it's super obvious who my ichiban is, according to the larger number of icons in his section. XDDD I can't help it. I also love textless icons (which are NOT bases). :P And lastly, sorry if I overdid it on the textures, but they're all so colorful! Enjoy~!

[05] Aiba Masaki
[04] Matsumoto Jun
[06] Ohno Satoshi
[05] Sakurai Sho
[24] Ninomiya Kazunari

[02] Aiba x Ohno
[01] Aiba x Nino
[02] Aiba x Sho
[03] MatsuJun x Ohno
[05] MatsuJun x Nino
[07] Sakumiya
[01] Sakuraiba
[06] Ohmiya

- Comments are super if taking any!
- Even better, be my friend if you love me! XD (Just kidding. That's really not a requirement.)
- Credit hakka_candy. x3

( 100x100 ARASHI LOVE )

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