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[Request] Music Sheets

I know I found some somewhere but I don't remember where. I already have some of the music sheets that Myojo puts out in the little book "love song" like Kitto Daijoubu & Aozora Pedal but I'm not looking for those. Though, if someone has other ones, please share :D
I'm actually looking for music sheets that someone uploaded that they arranged/wrote down themselves like Konseki, PIKA*NCHI DOUBLE, and such. and I know I found them somewhere! I don't remember where though (T_T) If someone has those (or more) please please share!! I would love you forever!!
And if anyone could arrange or find Nino's solo Niji on sheet music, that'd be even better!

I don't have any bribes..though, I'll be posting up the Time fancams (converted to mpg) that were uploaded by furokugal some time later :D

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