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[request] Arashi brushes + something to talk about :)

hi all,

recently i did a little moving from my pc to the lappy.... and i realized that MY KANJI ARASHI PHOTOSHOP CS BRUSHES WERE GONE... (T_T;;) *super sad* i remember someone made them long ago.. but i couldn't find them anymore! does any kind soul still keep them? please please send me.... m(_ _)m onegaishimasu!!

anyway, i was looking for sho's sister's pic one fine day and i saw this on the way... not sure if this was posted before but still..  below is shos back with a girl.. i got shocked for awhile before i realised it was not him.


ok, i'm quite sure this is not a verified uwasa..
this guy doesn't wear earring.
but still looks like ne?

judging from the hair it should be around 2002 - 2004 ? but the dress sense is abit... eeetoo..

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