JessLovesHYD (jessloveshyd) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Just an interesting topic to talk about~

Would everyone like to share moments when Arashi showed their love for each other? (Not fanservice lovey-dovey, but real friendship-love) It can be song lyrics or excerpts from magazines/concert MCs or something they did on tv/in concert. Whatever you'd like!

- They rented out an entire theater to watch Sho's [Honey and Clover] together. Not only that, they sat side by side in that big room, instead of spread apart. (I'm pretty sure this is what happened XD)
- [Sketch]. I love that they wrote it about each other as a celebration of their five year being together.
- The start of a Dome concert MC when Jun massaged Aiba's leg/foot when Aiba developed a cramp.

So, what do you think of this topic? Good/bad?

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