novelizedbella (novelizedbella) wrote in a_ra_shi,

[Request] Stand Up! Episode 8

Hello! I'm a (fairly) new Arashi fan, and have been watching dramas the past summer with many of the members in them. The one I'm particularly fond of is "Stand Up!" and I've been waiting several months for episode 8 to come out. Well, it did! However, I recently moved to Japan to study abroad (cool, huh?), and now I can't seem to upload from megaupload or do bittorrent at all.

I haven't really offered much in this community since joining (though I'm hoping to soon), so I feel guilty for asking, but does anyone have this episode on mediafire or divshare? Those are the sites that work best for me. If not, would anyone be willing to put the episode on there? I don't THINK Nya!fansubs has a rule about sharing I saw their episodes on Arashian Files as well...but then again, I'm still new to this so I'm not sure of anything.

That said, I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could help! Thanks so much in advance!

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