AA-CHAN (aa_chan) wrote in a_ra_shi,

[SALE] Arashi Around Asia + in Dome Special Package (First Press Limited Edition)

I have ordered the Arashi Around Asia + in Dome Special Package (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version) DVD from YesAsia and have no decided that I don't want it anymore. However, part of the shipment has already shipped so they won't let me remove it from my order.

So, if anyone within Europe is interested in a new, sealed copy of the new concert DVD when it arrives, then you can let me know. Obviously, it's not here yet but I would like to get it sorted ASAP when it arrives because I might be leaving the country for a year abroad and want to get it sorted beforehand :)

When replying, screen your comment and leave a contactable e-mail address so that it's easier to communicate.

I'm cross posting, so it'll be a first come, first serve deal :) Thanks.

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