xstal (xstal) wrote in a_ra_shi,

3x Aiba Masaki

4x Jin and Kame
4x Akanishi Jin
1x Jin and Yamapi
3x Jin and Junno
5x Kamenashi Kazuya
17x Nishikido Ryo

2x Aiba Masaki
2x Arashi

1x Jin and Junno
2x Nishikido Ryo
1x Ryo and Yamapi

Icons: (sorry, i have lots of the same icons, but they're variations =P)

Banners: (i have lots of variations of a few of them =P)

My Koyama fanart! :D (i fixed it a bit after scanning it though =P)

this is only my second time making a bunch of graphics like this :D

comments would be loved!

oh yeah and i'm not sure but i think my computer's being weird because i can't see any posts on the community without looking at my friends thing. it confuses me -.-

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