kathy ねこ (katz08) wrote in a_ra_shi,
kathy ねこ

Myojo for SALE!

First, im from the Philippines and i prefer buyers from the Philippines.
Second, im subscribed to Myojo and i bought all the mags for 680php each. (its high coz i pay for shipping fees as well.)
Third, Buyers who wants the mags to be shipped should pay for shipping. But, i prefer meet-ups (either in Manila or Makati or even QC.)
Fourth, this is not a BUSINESS, im selling mags coz i need to pay something.
Fifth, thanks for reading this!!

Myojo for sale:

1. Myojo July2007 issue
Cover: Koyama Keiichiro and Yamashita Tomohisa
Price: 600php
Includes: the Kattun, Kanjani8, News and Yamapi Super Profile cards plus a KoyaPi pullout.
Condition: Very Good.

2. Myojo November2007 issue
Cover: NewS
Price: 600php
Includes: a Hey!Say!7/Juniors pullout
Condition: Very Good

you can email at lhukhe_ryo09@yahoo.com 
or if you know my cellphone number, pls SMS me asap.


PS. X-posted to many community. T_T
gomen if im flooding everyone's Community list.
if this is not permitted, the mods can delete this.


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