more organs means more human. (phasera) wrote in a_ra_shi,
more organs means more human.

MOD post ; new layout ; rules change

Just some new things for everyone to be aware of....

[+] The long-awaited new layout ; much as we all love S1 styles, S2 deserves a try, right? ^-^ I hope you all enjoy our clean-looking new layout, stylesheet courtesy of passing_girl.

[+] RULE CHANGES -- effective starting from now, a_ra_shi will NO LONGER be accepting:

-- Sales posts of any kind.
-- Community / Journal advertisement posts of any kind.
-- Posts with content not IMMEDIATELY relevant to ARASHI as a group or one of its members.

There are plenty of communities dedicated to these sorts of topics, so let's keep them there and try to cut back on the spam, eh? Any posts from now and onward that are in violation of these new rules are subject to being deleted without warning. Repeated offenders will have to be banned, unfortunately.

Please address any of your questions, comments, or concerns to me IN THIS POST ONLY.

Also, I am looking for suggestions of popular fansites or official websites to have in our community Links List, displayed in the sidebar.

Thanks for listening, now back to your regularly scheduled Arashi fan-business. :)

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