kawaii_beela (kawaii_beela) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Ohno Satoshi 27th Bday Fanvid

Hello to everyone in this community... as I'm sure every knows today (in Japan) it is our wonderful Ohno Satoshi's 27th birthday... and so I would like to present him (and the community:P) with a fan video I made for him on this special day. I can only hope that he happens to wander youtube searching for fanvideos about himself XD please take a look and enjoy^^

Song: Be With You - Arashi (Time Album)

Picture credits:

Arashi Big Wave Photobook Paparazzi Pictures: Credits to zaizaiaddict! Thanks so much for letting me use your scans^^

Other Picture Credits go to every other place possible: Google Images, Arashi Introspect, arashi_on, a_ra_shi, and the lovely community dedicated to our one and only leader, ohno_daily^^

Hope you enjoyed^^ Thanks for watching

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