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[fanart] Satoshi-month

Hopefully it's ok to throw in fanart to lj-arashi-groups as well o_O.
Just wanted to collect all the pictures i've put online for Satoshi-month-project. I think we all had fun drawing/painting and watching them. Thanks all who took part even just at some days:) and all who took part by commenting too:D

Ohchan5Ohchan6Ohchan7001Ohchan8Ohchan9vers120071110 034

It was not only something like a "homage" or such (if you can call it like this)......even if he never gets to know about it. I'M DAMN HAPPY I COULD DRAW FOR 27 DAYS WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE. It's very encouraging for me to try out and practise more; and even if some didn't turn out so well, i finally could really make one picture for every day. This is very precious to me as a developing "artist". I'm happy i made it:)

And.......It wasn't even a big problem to write good tests in school nevertheless. ._.

So people, never procrastinate sketching because you have "no time".....!!! Turns out to be a lame excuse.

Ohchan12Ohchan13sholalalalovesong00222Ohchan14sleepSnowflakenov2007 004Ohchan16lesezeichen 002Ohchan16lesezeichen 004

I don't know, actually i had the idea to put all or the best pictures from all our drawings/paintings/whatever together and make a small artbook for him to send. But apparently he'd never get it because of Johnny's postal rules, right. Julie suggested to show it in video for 2009 (!!!)......Who wants to take part??? O_O (Probably i'll have to ask you all in person afterall lols)

Ohchan17onoarashi20071118 014artisscience1Artisscientificohchannr18 021

This month turned out to be very experimental not only for me......^^. I for my part tried to make some unexpected stuff such as painting my winter jacket or trying out some of the techniques i learned in drawing class this month.....hopefully this doesn't stop after November:D

Ohchan19hontouniHontouniohchan19 005Ohchan20vers4Ohchan20vers2



I try to make Aiba-month in December too lols....but no promises:)

Some of the nice people who also took part in Satoshi month (go and watch their stuff!!):
ninomiya k (Koon)

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