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Arashi Magazine Scans

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This is my first time posting here! ^^ I've watched the community for a while and I'm gonna try sharing stuff!

I put this on my VOX and my livejournal posts recently. I've scanned many magazines and as a big Christmas gifts to my friends (since I'm poor ^^;;;;), I've been sharing my scans. They're all high quality and took me a while. So... please enjoy them. You can credit me... =D I've spent a lot of money on the magazines and took the time to scan them. They may not be perfect like everyone else's but I try. ^^

 I'll be posting more scan uploads on my divshare in the future. They're in zip format. If you have issues, please comment me. ^^ So, I guess I can say this is the first batch.. ;)

Entertainment - Sept. 2007 - Arashi
Jyosei Jishin (05-29-07) - Arashi
Oricon Style (10-22-07) - Arashi
Oricon Style (10-29-07) - Arashi
Switch - May 2007- Arashi
TV Fan (8-25-07) - Arashi
Potato - May 2007 - Arashi
Myojo - Dec. 2007 - Arashi
Myojo - Jan. 2008 - Arashi
Myojo - Nov. 2007 - Arashi
Myojo - Oct. 2007 - Arashi
Popolo - Dec. 2007 - Arashi
Wink Up - Nov. 2007 - Arashi

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